The Testing Process

Please note: we are a small office, so we ask that attendance is limited to the client and one other person. Thank you!

We ask that clients budget 3 to 4 hours for their appointment. The length of the appointment will depend on the tests administered and other factors related to the clients themselves, including their cognitive abilities, personality characteristics, and test taking speed. We allow for breaks, as needed, and may be able to accommodate a follow up appointment if the client is unable to complete their testing on the day of their appointment.

For children, and adults with developmental disabilities, we request that a parent, guardian, helping professional, or other person who knows the individual well come to the appointment to provide additional historical, behavioral, and adaptive information. Parents/caregivers or the accompanying person are usually asked to complete an interview with the provider, as well as to complete assessments about the client. Whenever possible, it is encouraged that the best historian come to the appointment to provide historical and diagnostic information.

Developmental/cognitive testing consists of standardized assessments of one’s cognitive, social, and adaptive functioning. Behavioral/mental health testing includes psycho-diagnostic assessment of emotionality, personality, conduct issues, and psychopathology. Our evaluations utilize a combination of paper, online, observational, and interactive assessments. Some online assessments can be sent to the client or caregiver via email to be completed before the appointment.