Behavioral Health Assessments

The Grandis Evaluation Center provides comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessments for people of all ages. Therapists in private practice, agency case managers, psychiatrists, pediatricians, social workers and educators have all used GEC assessments as critical adjuncts to their services. We are conveniently located in East Asheville just minutes from downtown with easy access to Interstate highways 40 and 240. We are continually upgrading our services to more completely and effectively meet Western North Carolina’s assessment needs. We accept Medicaid, Health Choice, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other private health insurance may be acceptable as an out-of-network provider.

Services Offered

  • Personality and Mental Health Evaluations
  • Cognitive Testing
  • Educational testing (note: educational testing is not covered by most insurances and will require self-pay)
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Developmental Assessments for children and adults
  • Diagnostic clarification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Treatment/Service Recommendations

We are currently accepting referrals. Click here to learn about our referral process.

At the Grandis Evaluation Center, P.C. we truly take pride in assisting people to feel as comfortable as possible. We know that being evaluated can be stressful for the individual being tested and for those who are taking a lot of time out of their day to provide support. Our professional staff have years of experience working with people with many types of disabilities and difficulties in their lives. There is a warm and caring atmosphere that our clients encounter the moment they walk through the door.

We provide snacks and breaks for children being assessed so they do not feel so overwhelmed. There are toys, books and magazines, as well as a cup of coffee or tea available for those who are waiting.

The Grandis Evaluation Center is fully accessible for people with disabilities.