Referral Process

Active participation by family members/caregivers is a vital part of the assessment process. The background information provided by collateral sources serves as the backdrop against which the evaluation results are interpreted. Please ensure that your client and his or her family/caregivers are agreeable to and invested in the process prior to initiating a referral, as quite a bit of preparation is completed before the date of the service and that date is set aside specifically for your client. Keeping scheduled appointments and timely arrival ensures the most efficient and productive assessment that will be most helpful for your client.

Securely complete a referral by following the process below:

Please note: Due to our large volume of referrals, we ask that clients kindly reach out to us by phone to schedule! Thank you!

  • Complete the online¬†Referral Form
  • You may fax the above information to: 828-299-7454. You may also e-mail the information to: or mail it to the address indicated on our letterhead.
  • For agencies which utilize a Person Centered Plan please ensure that testing services are being requested within the PCP and that the Grandis Evaluation Center is designated as the provider (see the PCP & Ins. Coverage Instructions¬†for more detailed information).

We are currently accepting referrals. Contact us by phone, fax, or email.